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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I never have mentioned my two daughters before now, Ling and Ronda. Ling is the oldest and just graduated with honors in May from San Jose State with a degree in Marketing. My younger daughter Ronda is finishing up her last year at University of California at Davis and her major is managerial economics. I love to keep myself busy and have never had any hobbies except spoiling my children. I am a s...trong woman and have no fear in my life. Last May when I watched my daughter walk at her graduation it was one of the best moments of my life. Most of the other families cheered for their loved ones but I cried because I was worried about my daughter getting her first real job. I worried about if she would have a good boss or a good landlord for her first apartment.

The day I found Jj God must have saw that I needed something to feel my void of losing my hobby. Not a single minute that goes by that I do not have a smile on my face because I have Jj in my life. My two daughters also love Jj like a brother. I do not mind to pay the fines the HOA sends me for having Jj. I always tell myself to just work overtime to make a little extra to pay the HOA. Until the day that the HOA board member told me that the removal of Jj is the first priority of the HOA I had just planned on paying the fines and keeping the peace. Sometimes I have the fear that those people will try everything and anything to force us to give up Jj. I tell myself the only priority right now is to avoid everything and focus to protect Jj and keep Jj safe with our family.

I received a letter from PETA concerning Jj’s health. Justin was very worried about it and we hurried up and got an appointment right away with the vet. Dr. Anderson checked Jj out and said he has a clean bill of health. On the way back from the vet Jj sat in my lap and I starred at Jj and had tears in my eyes. I said to myself “Jj is a wonderful Pet and I have given Jj a wonderful life”, We have not done anything to bother anyone or make the situation messy. Our family will not give up on Jj.

Thank you to everyone out there who is always behind and supporting us.

Jj’s Mother, Jenny

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